You’ve tried the Anxiety Relief Protocol and found that it gave you some relief immediately from your anxiety.

But that’s just the beginning! 

Would you like to HEAL YOUR ANXIETY so that it doesn’t come back?

The first step on this journey is the ARP Integration 1 month program

Where you’ll learn to integrate the Anxiety Relief Protocol in your life for maximum results in both relieving and healing your anxiety.

Next Group starts on the 15th of October- Limited spaces available

Less Anxiety = Better Life

Our Relationships with those we care about, our work life, our ability to grow in business, and our enjoyment of everything we do are all dependant on how we feel.  

Unfortunately if you are struggling with anxiety it’s probably having a devastating effect on one or more of these parts of your life. 

It sucks, I know because I’ve been there! 

I’ve had various forms of anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, general anxiety, worries about the future, and waves of anxiety that would come over me seemingly for no reason and leave me depressed for days or weeks. 

I tried EVERYTHING, I spent my whole life trying to figure this out. 

From drinking alcohol as a young adult, to yoga, meditation and all kinds of spiritual practices in my 30s.  

While meditation may have helped a bit, ultimately it was not a laser focused solution for my anxiety.   

Which is what I want to share with you!! 

I can honestly say that my life has completely changed!

I’ve made more progress in getting free from anxiety in the last two years since I discovered the Anxiety Relief Protocol, than I did in 10-20 years before. 

No Magic Pill

There’s no Magic Pill for healing anxiety in a way that it doesn’t come back. 

BUT – It is possible, and it’s not that hard to do.

What you need is 





The amazing news is that every bit of effort you put into this will bring you immediate results. 

Healing Your Anxiety works on a SCALE 

As you heal, your life gets better

This graph shows how over time your anxiety levels can go down progressively

We measure anxiety out of 10 so we can see the progress we’re making.  

Where are you on this graph? 

And how would your relationships, work, and experience of day to day life change if you could move consistently from left to right on this graph. 

Meaning, over time having less and less anxiety. 


For every person the process will be different.  Depending how much anxiety you have and how dedicated you are to the process. 

But I can honestly say that most people will see a DRAMATIC REDUCTION IN ANXIETY within the first 1-4 weeks. 

Using the Anxiety Relief Protocol, and joining the ARP Integration 1 month program. 

Here’s a case study of someone who did a 3 week program with me

There were Peter’s morning anxiety readings before and after using the Anxiety Relief Protocol, and following the system in the ARP Integration program. 

You can see how not only does the Anxiety Relief Protocol help reduce his anxiety when he uses it, but that over the three weeks Peter’s general anxiety levels went way down.  

Here’s Peter’s testimonial 

Peter was struggling with anxiety around covid, and his blood pressure. Within 2-3 days Peter’s anxiety had already dropped nearly 60%. Within 3 weeks it was almost gone.

ARP Integration

Join the ARP Integration – 1 month program now IF

You’ve had enough of suffering from this horrible condition


You’re ready to do something about it

ARP Integration - How it works

An easy to follow system for Relieving and Healing your anxiety

4 masterclass + Q&A calls with me (Recorded if you can’t make it)

You can also submit questions to me if you can’t make the call. 

Group with others going through the same thing as you

What’s required from you?

Show up on the calls if you can, or watch the recordings.  (1 hour per week)

10-30 minutes per day, depending on your time availability. 

What’s the investment?

This program will be $250 

Right now I’m doing a relaunch and I’m offering 60% off, for the first group of this new updated version of the program. 

That means for the group STARTING 15TH OF October the price will be $100

To get this price you MUST BOOK BY THE 12th OF October by 6pm Madrid time. 


As I grow and create more programs this initial ARP Integration program will not be on live calls with me.  This relaunch is an opportunity to do the program with me and ask me your questions directly.   

My Promise

If you show up on my program and give it your best shot the whole way through, and this is not by far the most powerful thing you have done to relieve and heal your anxiety I will happily give you a 100% refund

I believe in my work, and know how powerful this is.  But you don’t yet.  

This makes it 100% risk free for you

Either this is the best thing you’ve ever done, or it costs nothing

All you have to do is show up and give it your best shot

1 hour per week on the call/watching replay

And 10-30 mins per day applying the system

Hope to see you soon!

Nils Sjoberg

I feel in control.

I was skeptical at first, but this program exceeded my expectations. My anxiety is now manageable, and I feel in control.

I was skeptical at first, but this program exceeded my expectations. My anxiety is now manageable, and I feel in control.

I was skeptical at first, but this program exceeded my expectations. My anxiety is now manageable, and I feel in control.